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Russian Partners

Elena Podkolzina

Assistant Professor at Faculty of Economic Sciences (Department of Applied Economics) and Deputy Director of Center for Institutional Studies

Andrei Ivanov

Associate Professor at Department of Public Administration and Deputy Director of Center for Public Private Partnership Studies

Natalia Maslova

Director of A.B. Soloviev Institute for State and Local Procurement Management

Sergei Dashkov

Institute of Competitive Technologies (Autonomous non-profit organization "InKoTech")

Ivan Begtin

Autonomous non-profit organization "Informatsionnaya Kulruta" [Informational Culture]

International Partners

Valbonesi Paola

Economics at the Department of Economics and Management - University of Padova, Italy

Schoors Koen

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration - Ghent University

Nemec Juraj

Faculty of Economics and Administration - Masaryk University, Czech Republic; Faculty of Economics - Matej Bel University, Slovakia

Plaček Michal

Faculty of Social Sciences - Charles University, Czech Republic

Tünde Tátrai

Department of Logistics and Supply Chain Management - Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary


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