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Institute for Industrial and Market Studies

The New Autocracy. Information, Politics, and Policy in Putin's Russia

Edited by: D. Treisman.

Washington: Brookings Institution Press, 2018.

The role of judicial review in developing evidentiary standards: The example of market analysis in Russian competition law enforcement

Golovanova S., Katsoulacos Y., Avdasheva S. B.

International Review of Law and Economics. 2019. Vol. 58. P. 101-114.

Book chapter
A Methodology for Empirically Measuring the Extent of Economic Analysis and Evidence and for Identifying the Legal Standards in Competition Law Enforcement

Katsoulacos Y., Avdasheva S. B., Golovanova S.

In bk.: Frédéric Jenny Liber Amicorum: Standing Up for Convergence and Relevance in Antitrust. Vol. 1. Concurrences, 2019. P. 131-150.

Working paper
Evaluation of public procurement costs: Macrolevel assessment based on microdata

Balaeva O., Yakovlev A. A., Rodionova Y. et al.

Public and Social Policy. WP BRP Series. НИУ ВШЭ, 2018. No. 20.

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The Institute for Industrial and Market Studies (IIMS) was founded in April 1997, and is one of the first research institutes to have been established at the Higher School of Economics. The institute focuses on the empirical analysis of business behaviors, market development, competition policy, the business climate and relations between business and government.

A new article in The Journal of Politics

The article “Elections, Protest, and Trust in Government: A Natural Experiment from Russia” by Timothy Frye and Ekaterina Borisova was published on the Journal of Politics website.

Illustration for news: EACES Workshop on State Capitalism

EACES Workshop on State Capitalism

A workshop: “The Rise of State Capitalism: consequences for economic and political development” organized by ICSID and  the European Association for Comparative Economic Studies (EACES) was held at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow on April 10-11, 2019.

Participation in Japanese workshops

IIMS research fellow Fabian Burkhardt participated in two workshops, which were held in Japan and were thematically dedicated to the political and economic issues in Russia and Ukraine.

Andrei Yakovlev gave a comment for CBC news

The article “Why an American's arrest in Russia could set off a 'flight of foreign investors' is dedicated to the case of of 51-year-old American entrepreneur Michael Calvey, who was arrested on charges of theft of 2.5 billion rubles some time ago.

Invited researchers in persons

Renata Mustafina, PhD student at the Political Science/Comparative Political society, Sciences Po, Centre de recherches internationales (CERI/CNRS) spent two months at the ICSID working on her research. By tradition, we asked Renata to give feedback. In a short interview, she talked about her stay at the Center, professional growth, and what foreign colleagues should take into account if they decided to conduct research in Russia.

Research Seminar on Diversity and Development

Dmitry Veselov, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Economic Sciences HSE, presented his paper "Migration of Russian settlers and the legacy of interregional development in Kazakhstan" in the framework of the Research Seminar on Diversity and Development, which was held on February 12, 2019.

Generalized Trust, Preferences for Redistribution and Institutions

HSE International Center for the Study of Institutions and Development (ICSID) and NES Center for the Study of Diversity and Social Interactions held the first in the new 2019 year joint Research Seminar on Diversity and Development on February 6, 2019.

New publication

A new paper "How the innovation-competition link is shaped by technology distance in a high-barrier catch-up economy" written by Bessonova Evgenia and Ksenia Gonchar will be published in the Technovation journal.

90th Southern Political Science Association Conference

ICSID Research Fellow David Szakonyi took part in the 90th Annual Meeting of the Southern Political Science Association. He presented his paper "Apathy or activism? Examining the determinants of pro-regime mobilization in Russia".

Illustration for news: The second Ghent Russia colloquium

The second Ghent Russia colloquium

Some ISCID researchers took part in the colloquium "Russia's political economy since 1992: Back to the future?" that was held in Belgium on December 11-12, 2018. The discussed topics were primarily focused on the Russian studies.