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Visiting Researchers Program

The International Center for the Study of Institutions and Development (ICSID) runs an unfunded visiting researchers program that enables researchers to spend a period of time conducting research at our office at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Russia. We accept applicants who can make a compelling case for how their presence and work will complement our research projects as well as enhance ICSID’s research profile. A more detailed description of the research directions that ICSID is currently pursuing can be found here. The strongest applications are those that present coherent, feasible research objectives to be pursued during their time in residence.


Since 2004, ICSID and the Institute for Industrial and Market Studies (IIMS) have hosted nearly 100 scholars from top universities in the USA, Japan, Germany, Italy, Korea, Switzerland, Australia, and Mongolia. Applicants can learn more about the program by reading interviews with some of our recent visiting researchers: Brendan McElroyMichael RochlitzKyle Marquardt, Elizabeth Plantan and Maria G. Silvagni.


Visiting Researchers Program Details

1.   Timing

Visiting Researchers may start at any time during the year, subject to an agreement between each individual researcher and ICSID.


2.   Duration

Normal periods of stay range from two weeks to several months.


3.   Academic Status

Applicants should be currently enrolled in a MA or PhD program. Scholars who have a PhD are also welcome to apply.


4.   Practical Arrangements

ICSID provides office space, computer and internet access, printing and copying services, as well as access to proprietary institute databases and HSE library resources. Visiting Researchers can present their research findings at ICSID seminars to obtain useful feedback from colleagues. Papers presented and discussed at the ICSID seminars may be published in the HSE working papers series.


5.    Accommodation

ICSID can help in finding accommodation for researchers at HSE Guesthouses or hotels during their visit. Please note that HSE Guesthouse room availability depends on the timing of stay; early requests are appreciated.


6.   Funding

Unfortunately, ICSID cannot provide funding to cover travel, accommodation, or other research-related expenses.


How to apply 

Visiting Researchers require a review and selection process and applications are considered for approval two times a year, in March and September. Please submit your application for the deadline corresponding to the period when your desired stay will start.


-     The deadline for summer/fall stays (May to October) is March 1.


-     The deadline for winter/spring stays (November to April) is September 1.


Applications should be sent via e-mail to David Szakonyi (dszakonyi@gwu.edu). Applicants will be notified of the institute’s decision within 2-3 weeks following the deadline they submit to.


Applications should include the following:

-     A cover letter including your contact details, preferred time of visit, a short summary of the expected contribution of your visit to ICSID and an indication of potential counterparts at ICSID. Scholars focusing on questions related to ongoing ICSID projects will be given priority.

-     A five-page summary of your research project that includes a more detailed plan for your visit to ICSID.

-     CV with a list of relevant publications.

-     For MA/PhD students: a letter of recommendation from your advisor (sent under separate cover to dszakonyi@gwu.edu).












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