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Seminar "Institutional problems of the Russian economy"

Institute for Industrial and Market Studies

Moderator:  Andrei A. Yakovlev, Director of IIMS, Tenured professor

Goals: - Discussion on institutional issues of economic development in Russia with respect to different industries and               markets
            - Analysis of experience of countries that have a similar level institutional development as Russia
            - Development of methodological tools of applied microeconomic research in Russia

First seminar: February, 2001

Frequency: once a month

Speakers: IIMS team members and invited guests

Publications: Most of the articles published in the series of the HSE publishing house working papers WP-1 have been presented and discussed at the seminar "Institutional problems of Russian economy" (2001-2017). Many of the presentations have been based on the data from sample surveys of enterprises, organized and conducted by IIMS.

Venue: Moscow, 28/11 Shabolovka Str., bldg. 9, room 1302

Coordinator: Rosalia Sultimova, IIMS manager

Contacts: Moscow, 28/11 Shabolovka Str., bldg. 9, room 1323, phone number: 8 (495) 772 95 90 (доб. 22141), e-mail: rsultimova@hse.ru 

Participation: All interested researchers are welcome.

The seminar schedule: report - 30 min., discussant's comments - 10 min., A&Qs - 10-15 minutes, discussion - 30-60 min.

Some papers presented in the framework of the Seminar during 2013-2018:

Is Russia moving to the East? A simple spatial analysis

Speaker: Yasushi Nakamura, Professor of Economics at the Yokohama National University 
Presentation:  Nakamura-Presentation.pdf

Does firms’ decentralization pay off in weak institutions setup? Decentralization and investment of Russian firms
Speaker: Irina Levina, IIMS research fellow

Governors' tenure and contract allocation under weak political competition
Speaker: Daniel Yesaulov, IIMS Junior research fellow

Are science cities fostering innovation? Evidence from Russia
Speaker: Paolo Zacchia, PhD, Assistant Professor in Economics, IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca.

Analysis of social capital accumulation in Latvia and the Russian Federation
Speaker: Guido Sechi, Ph.D., Researcher, University of Latvia

How Persistent is Social Capital?
Speaker: Jan Fidrmuc, Research Fellow, Centre for Economic Development and Institutions (CEDI), Brunel University, Senior Lecturer in Economics, Department of Economics and Finance, Brunel University.   

The Political Roots of Intermediated Lobbying: Evidence from Russian Firms and Business Associations
Speaker: Andrei Govorun, IIMS Junior research fellow

Mixed Fortunes: An Economic History of China, Russia and the West
Speaker: Vladimir Popov, Professor emeritus at the New Economic School in Moscow, and an adjunct research professor at the Institute of European and Russian Studies at Carleton University in Ottawa

Interregional Inequality in Russia and China: Toward Convergence?
Speaker:Tomas Remington, Professor of Political Science at Emory University, ICSID Leading research fellow

Reforming Welfare Regimes in Russia and China: The Case of Pensions
Speaker:Tomas Remington, Professor of Political Science at Emory University, ICSID Leading research fellow

Russian Investment in the Former Soviet Union
Speaker: Alexander Libman, ICSID Assoсiate research fellow

Industrial Policy and State Capacity: A Comparative Analysis of China and Russia
Speaker: Michael Rochlitz, PhD ( Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca), ICSID Research fellow

Who Wants to Level the Field: Political Institutions, the Market, and Redistribution
Speaker: Israel Marques, ICSID Research fellow

Out of Chaos? Russian Business ConFlicts and Demand for the Rule of Law
Speaker: Jordan Gans-Morse, University of California, Berkeley, Travers Department of Political Science


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