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HSE April Conference

XVIII April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development organized by Higher School of Economics will take place in Moscow on April 11-14, 2017.

Well-known researchers – political scientists, economists and sociologists, as well as senior officials and businessmen will discuss a number of topical issues faced by the modern society: regional development, public administration, reforms of the education and health systems.

Head of the Institute for Industrial and Market Studies (IIMS) A. Yakovlev, IIMS Chief Research Fellow T. Dolgopyatova and Leading Research Fellows B. Kuznetsov and V. Golikova as well as other IIMS researchers will be among the Conference participants. 

Andrei Yakovlev will be a moderator of several sessions:
- Session M-03. Where economic and political studies meet
- Section O. State and local government challenges
- Session L-08. Fast-growing companies in Russian economic
- Roundtable B-06/2. Prospects of development in Russian regions: views and opportunities of the regional elite
Victoria Golikova will chair Session L-10 “Institutions and entrepreneurship”, and Ekaterina Borisova will serve as a discussant there.
Tatiana Dolgopyatova will be a co-moderator of Section L “Firms and Markets”.

The conference program will also include a PhD seminar on "Regional aspects of labour market, migration, investment, education, housing, health and other fields", organized jointly by the European Association for Comparative Economic Studies and HSE. Andrei Yakovlev is a member of the EACES Executive Committee, and is also on the Selection Committee of the seminar. 

In addition, a number of papers by the IIMS and ICSID team members will be presented at the April conference:

- D. Ivanov, E. Borisova
Loss of human capital and development: evidence from Russian Germans repatriation (abstractfull version)
- A. Yudanov (Financial University), A. Yakovlev
Use patterns of administrative resources and affiliation of fast-growing companies in Russia (abstractfull version)
- D. Ivanov
Regional distribution of fast-growing companies in Russia: Role of institutions (abstractfull version)
- E. Borisova, A. Govorun, D. Ivanov
Bridging or Bonding? Preferences for Redistribution and Social Capital in Russia (abstractfull version)
- A. Yakovlev, S. Makarov, V. Pogodaev, L. Freinkman
Can be created 'development state' in separate region of large country? Case-study of Tatarstan in Russian Federation (abstract)
- N. Ershova,  A. Yakovlev, L. Freinkman
Foreign business collective action in Russia: main forms of organization, development stages and factors (abstractfull version)
- A. Kazun
Devil’s advocate for dishonest law enforcer: who defends law enforcers in Russian courts? (abstract)