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Публикации в международных рецензируемых журналах: 2011-2018 гг.

АвторыНазвание статьиЖурналНаправление журналаКвартиль на 2017 г.
Libman A.,
Dolgopyatova T.,
Yakovlev A.

Board Empowerment: What Motivates Board Members of Founder-Owned Companies?

Journal of Management InquiryBusiness, Management and Accounting (miscellaneous)
Management of Technology and Innovation
Strategy and Management
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Avdasheva. S., Golovanova S., Katsoulacos Y. Optimal Institutional Structure of Competition Authorities Under Reputation Maximization: A Model and Empirical Evidence from the Case of RussiaReview of Industrial OrganizationManagement of Technology and Innovation/
Organizational Behavior and Human Resource/Management Strategy and Management/Economics, Econometrics 
Gonchar, K.Kuznetsov, B.How import integration changes firms’ decisions to innovateAnnals of Regional ScienceEnvironmental Science/Social Sciences
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Public Administration
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Yakovlev, A.,
Rodionova, Y.
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Yakovlev, A., Kuznetsova, A.
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Cultural Studies/
Sociology and Political Science
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Oil explains all: desirable organisation of the Russian fuel markets (on the data of three waves of antitrust cases against oil companies)Post-Communist Economies
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Economics and econometrics2
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Cultural Studies/
Sociology and Political Science
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Sociology and Political Science
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Sociology and Political Science
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Geography, Planning and Development/
Political Science
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Institutional frameworks to support regulatory reform in middle-income economies: lessons from Russia's recent experiencePost-Communist EconomiesEconomics and econometrics2

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27(4), с. 642-658
Economics and Econometrics/Political Science and International Relations2/3


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