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Research Seminar on Diversity and Development


- International Center for the Study of Institutions and Development (ICSID), Higher School of Economics

- Center for the Study of Diversity and Social Interactions (CSDSI), New Economic School


- Andrei Yakovlev, Director of ICSID, Professor

- Shlomo Weber, Rector of NES, Professor, Academic Head of CSDSI

First seminar: February 3, 2015

Frequency: twice a month

Speakers: ICSID and CSDSI team members, and invited guests

July 19
Jan Fidrmuc, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Economics and Finance and CEDI at the Brunel University
"Beautiful Minds: Physical Attractiveness and Research Productivity in Economics"

May 31
Chris Berry, Professor at the University of Chicago
"Leadership or Luck? Randomization Inference for Leader Effects"

May 23
Chris Miller, Assistant Professor in the Fletcher School at the Tufts University, USA
"The Politics of Inflation and the Distribution of Income in Early 1990s Russia"

May 22
Andy Eggers, Assistant Professor in the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Oxford, UK
"Who votes more strategically?"

April 17
David Schindler, Assistant Professor at the Tilburg University
"Shocking Racial Attitudes: Black GIs in Europe"

March 20
Melanie Meng Xue, Postdoctoral Fellow at Northwestern University (USA)
"Autocratic Rule and Social Capital: Evidence from Imperial China"

March 13
Andrei Markevich, Professor, New Economic School
"Democratic Support for the Bolshevik Revolution: An Empirical Investigation of 1917 Constituent Assembly Elections"

February 20
Kseniya Abanokova, Junior Research Fellow at the Centre for Comprehensive Social Policy Studies (HSE)
"Pocketbook motivation in voting in Russia"

February 6
Israel Marques II, Assistant Professor at the HSE School of Political Science and ICSID Research Fellow
"Institutional Quality and Social Policy Preferences: Experimental Evidence" (co-authored by Joseph B. Schaffer and Sarah Wilson Sokhey)

December 12
Ted Gerber, Professor of Sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA)
"Homeownership, regime support, and civic engagement in four post-Soviet societies"

December 5
Gunes Gokmen, Assistant Professor at the New Economic School (Russia)
"War and Well-Being in Transition: Russo-Georgian Conflict as a Natural Experiment"

November 21
Vladimir Kozlov, Associate Professor at the Institute of Demography, HSE (Russia)
"Testosterone and Repression in Non-Democracies: Evidence from a Sample of Russian Governors"

October 24
Luigi Pascali, Associate Professor at the Pompeu Fabra University (Barсelona, Spain)
"Cereals, Appropriability and Hierarchy"

October 10
Stephen G. Wheatcroft , Professor at the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies, University of Melbourne (Australia)
"The importance of the grain problem in the Russian Revolution and for the next 40 years of Soviet Economic"

September 19
Anne Meng, Assistant Professor in the Department of Politics, University of Virginia (USA)
"Autocratic Constitutions and Leadership Succession in Dictatorial Regimes"

June 6
Julian G. Waller, Ph.D Candidate at the Department of Political Science at the George Washington University and ICSID Visiting Researcher
"Popular Perceptions and the De Facto Role of Political Parties in the Euromaidan Protests of 2013-2014"

May 30
Lauren McCarthy, University of Massachusetts Amherst, ICSID HSE
"Managed Civil Society and the Realities of Police Oversight in Russia"

May 16
Philippe Gagnepain (Paris School of Economics and Université Paris 1)
"Full versus binary menus: What are the welfare gains?" 
(co-authored by David Martimort)

April 18
Denis Ivanov (ICSID, HSE)
"Do institutions cause social trust? Evidence from an institutional reform"

March 28
Ekaterina Borisova (ICSID, HSE)
"Elections, Protest and Trust in Government: A Natural Experiment from Russia"

March 14           
Constantine Sorokin (International Laboratory of Decision Choice and Analysis, HSE)
“Distributional comparative statics for auctions and beyond”

February 28    
Noah Buckley (ICSID, HSE)
“Calculating Corruption: Political Competition and Bribery under Authoritarianism”

February 14    
Michael Rochlitz (Department of Political Science, HSE)
“Does Independent Media Matter in a Non-Democratic Election? Experimental Evidence from Russia”

January 31     
Elena Podkolzina (Center for Institutional Studies, HSE)
“Corruption perception and competition in public procurement: empirical evidence from Russian regions”

January 17     
Tatyana Mikhailova  (RANEPA)
“Agglomeration effects in Russian manufacturing”


December 13  
Israel Marques (Department of Political Science and ICSID, HSE)
“Institutional Quality and Social Policy Preferences”

December 6    
Natalya Naumenko (Northwestern University)
“Collectivization of Soviet agriculture and 1932-1933 famine”

November 29 
Niall Hughes (Warwick University)
“How Transparency Kills Information Aggregation: Theory and Experiment”

November 15 
Andrey Shcherbak (Laboratory for Comparative Social Research, HSE)
“The recipe for democracy? Improvement in diet as a structural prerequisite for political change”

November 1     
Thomas Leeper (London School of Economics)
“If Only Citizens Had a Cue: The Process of Opinion Formation over Time”

October 18     
Denis Ivanov (ICSID, HSE)
“Bridging or Bonding? Preferences for Redistribution and Social Capital in Russia”

September 29 
Andrew Little (Cornell University)
“I Don't Know”

September 13 
Andrea Matranga (NES)
“All Along the Watchtower: Linear Defenses and the Introduction of Serfdom in Russia”

June 7            
Andrei Markevich (NES)
“The Value of Statistical Life in a Dictatorship”

May 24           
Kyle Marquardt (University of Gothenburg)
“Identity, ethnicity and conflict: Social and political exclusion and civil war onset”          

April 26           
Gunes Gokmen (NES)
“The Power of Religion: Organized Religion and Power Inequality across World Societies”         

April 12          
Vasily Rusanov (Center for Institutional Studies, HSE)
“Minorities and business: the case Russian of Old Believers”         

March 29        
Sergei Izmalkov (NES)
“Spatial competition with intermediaries”    

March 15        
Alexey Zakharov (Department of Theoretical Economics, HSE)
“Eqilibrium taxation under income uncertainty”      

March 1          
Douglas Campbell (NES)
“Trade Shocks, Taxes, and Inequality”         

February 9      
Leonid Polishchuk (Faculty of Economic Sciences, HSE)
“Institutions and Visa Regimes”        


December 15     
Dagmara Celik Katreniak (CERGE-EI)
“Dark Side of Incentives: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial in Uganda”

November 24   
Barbara Lehmbruch (Uppsala University)
“Between the Public and the Private: Quasi-Autonomous Agencies, Institutional Legacies  and Post-Soviet Governments”

November 17
Anton Kazun (ICSID, HSE)
“Community of Attorneys and the Quality of Law Enforcement in Russian Regions”

November 3   
Tatiana Mikhailova (RANEPA)
”Geography of import transportation routes in Russia: the choice of an entry point”        

October 20     
Alexander Yarkin (HSE)
”Property rights and inequality in non-democratic regimes: theory and evidence“

October 6       
Gunes Gokmen  (NES)
”Minorities and Long-run Development: Persistence of Armenian and Greek Influence in Turkey”

September 9    
Israel Marques (ICSID, HSE)
”Institutional Quality and Individual Preferences for Social Policy”

June 16          
Steven N. Durlauf (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
“Capital In the Twenty-First Century: A Review of Thomas Piketty's book” 

June 9               
Paul Castañeda Dower (NES)
“The Stolypin Reform and Agricultural Productivity in Late Imperial Russia”        

May 26           
Franziska Keller (New York University)
“Shaking hands in public. What elite co-appearances tell us about the politics behind the scenes“

May 12                       
Andrei Yakovlev (ICSID, HSE)
“Measurement of business climate in Russia: who did perceive the changes and how these changes are related to Mr. Putin?”          

April 28          
Evgeny Yakovlev (HSE)
“How persistent are consumption habits: Micro-evidence from Russia”     

April 14          
Tim Jaekel (HSE School of Public Administration)
“Risk Taking in the Local Public Sector: Explaining Participation Decision in a sector-led improvement exercise of Swedish municipalities”         

March 31        
Ruben Enikolopov (NES)
“Winning Hearts and Minds: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Afghanistan”   

March 17        
Michael Rochlitz (Department of Political Science, HSE)
“Performance Incentives and Economic Growth: Regional Officials in Russia and China”

March 3          
Alexei Khazanov (NES)
“On the Breakup of Nations: the Case of a Large Federal State”    

February 17    
Andrei Govorun (IIMS, HSE)
“The Political Roots of Intermediated Lobbying: Evidence from Russian Firms and Business Associations”

February 3      
Andrea Matranga (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
“Climate-Driven Technical Change: Seasonality and the Invention of Agriculture”



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