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Visiting Researchers Program

The International Center for the Study of Institutions and Development (ICSID) led by Andrei Yakovlev and Timothy M. Frye brings together Russian and foreign experts in economics and political science. Researchers at the Center come from the Institute for Industrial and Market Studies (IIMS) of the National Research University Higher School of Economics and the Harriman Institute (Columbia University) as well as the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Emory University, Middlebury College and UCLA. The Center, which was established in 2011 thanks to a generous grant from the Russian government cooperates closely with other HSE institutes and departments, including the Department of Economics, and the Laboratory for the Institutional Analysis of Economic Reforms.

Scholars at the ICSID are currently implementing the research project “Factors of career trajectories of bureaucratic elites, informal institutions, and provision of public goods” which is the Center’s major project for 2014-2016. The main objectives of the project are to study incentives for strengthening regional governance, improving the quality of formal and informal institutions, and developing research on public goods provision and property rights protection. We concentrate mostly on Russia, but compare it with other countries and have started to expand our research to China.

The main research directions for the period 2014-2016 are:
●     Collective action
●     Incentives for bureaucracy in Russia and China
●     Social capital in Russia
●     Political elites and economic performance in Russia 
●     Social policy in Russia

More detailed description of the research directions could be found here.
Overall the ICSID has two types of visiting researchers programs: one with  a scholarship and one without. Both of them enable researchers to spend a period of time conducting research at ICSID. The Center accepts applicants who can make a compelling case regarding how their presence and work will complement our research projects as well as enhance ICSID’s research profile. We value applications with coherent, feasible research objectives to be pursued during their time in residence.
Since 2004 the IIMS and ICSID have hosted for a period from two weeks to several months visiting researchers from Japan, USA, Germany, Italy, Korea, Switzerland, Australia, and Mongolia with the support of the DAAD and Humboldt Foundation grants and financial aid of other scientific foundations, the HSE included.
During 2015 the Center hosted about 15 Ph.D. candidates and visiting researchers from top world Universities. You can see interviews with some of our recent visiting researchers: Brendan McElroyMichael RochlitzKyle MarquardtElizabeth Plantan.

Visiting researchers program without a scholarship
1. Preliminary requirements
Visiting Researchers may start at any time during the year, subject to an agreement between each individual fellow and the ICSID.
Applicants should be in an MA or PhD program. Scholars who have a Ph.D. are also welcome to apply.
2. Practical arrangements
The ICSID provides access to the Internet, computers, office space, printing, copying, access to the databases of the Institute and the University library resources. Visiting Researchers can present their research findings at the ICSID seminars and get some useful feedback from professionals. Papers presented and discussed at the ICSID seminars may be published in the HSE working papers series.
ICSID helps in finding accommodation in HSE Guest Houses or hotels during the visit. Please note that HSE Guest House room availability depends on the timing of your stay, early requests are appreciated. ICSID does not, however, cover expenses for accommodation.
How to apply 
Applications should be sent to David Szakonyi (dszakonyi@gwu.eduat any time of the year. You will be notified about the decision in 1-2 weeks. Please, note that in summer and first part of January this process could be longer. Russian national holidays should be also taken into account.
Your application should include the following:
▪     A cover letter including your contact details, preferred timing of the visit, a short summary of the expected contribution of your visit to ICSID and an indication of potential counterpart(s) at ICSID. Scholars focusing on the thematic of the ICSID projects will be given priority.
▪     Summary of the research plan for your visit.
▪     Short CV with a list of relevant publications included.