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Illustration for news: We work together again!

We work together again!

Amanda Zadorian, the ICSID research fellow, will continue working with the ICSID team. Her candidacy as an international specialist (post-doc) was approved by the HSE University Сommission.

New Post Doc in the ICSID team

Milos Resimic will join the ICSID team in September 2020. He went through a serious selection process of choosing the most suitable candidate for postdoctoral position and received an invitation in the first wave of admission offers. In total there were 429 applicants.

News from our partners: the University of Bremen

Call for applications! There are 2 PhD positions at the Research Centre for East European Studies (FSO), University of Bremen, Germany, within the Innovative Training Network (ITN) “Mapping Uncertainties, Challenges and Future Opportunities of Emerging Markets: Informal Barriers, Business Environments and Future Trends in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia” (MARKETS) funded by an MSCA grant of the European Union in the context of Horizon 2020

New article in American Political Science Review

A new article by the ICSID research fellow Kyle Marquardt, co-authored with Anna Lührmann and Valeriya Mechkova, "Constraining Governments: New Indices of Vertical, Horizontal, and Diagonal Accountability" was published online in American Political Science Review

Illustration for news: The Research Ambassador of the University of Bremen

The Research Ambassador of the University of Bremen

Andrei Yakovlev, the director of IIMS and ICSID, is accepted as a Research Ambassador at the University of Bremen (Germany). He was appointed by the Rectorate of the University at the suggestion of the Faculty of Business Studies and Economics. Professor Yakovlev will represent the University in Russia and Eastern Europe and act as a liaison between any prospective students and researchers and the University of Bremen.

Illustration for news: 9th ICSID Conference on June 9-11, 2020

9th ICSID Conference on June 9-11, 2020

9th annual ICSID Conference “Comparative Perspectives on the Political Economy of Development” will be held online on June 9-11, 2020.

Illustration for news: ICSID new team member

ICSID new team member

Kathryn Hendley, Professor of Law and Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison, joined the ICSID team for two years. Together with Andrei Yakovlev and Anton Kazun she will work on the project on Russian corporate lawyers.

A new publication in Europe-Asia Studies

The article "Institutionalising Authoritarian Presidencies: Polymorphous Power and Russia’s Presidential Administration" by ICSID associate fellow Fabian Burkhardt was published on the Europe-Asia studies website 

Keynote lecture of laureates of the Russian National Award in applied economics – 2020

This is our pleasure to announce that the National Prize in Applied Economics 2020 was awarded to the article “Democratizing Access to Higher Education in Russia: The Consequences of the Unified State Exam Reform" published in the “European Economic Review” (2019, Volume 117, pages 56-82) by Marco Francesconi (University of Essex, UK), Fabián Slonimczyk (ICEF, HSE, Moscow) and Anna Yurko (ICEF, HSE, Moscow).

Illustration for news: Seminars in the UK

Seminars in the UK

On the 2-10 of March Ekaterina Borisova, deputy director of the ISCID, made a business trip to the UK. She took part in workshops at Brunel University London and Oxford, and also held meetings with her colleagues at London School of Economics and Warwick University.